The Best Carry Golf Bag - Guide and Review

We all desire to be comfortable, especially when carrying out activities that require a lot of concentration. Thre is a close relationship between sports and comfort. Past studies have revealed that sports personalities perform best when they are comfortable.

Golf is a posh sport; it has always been a sport for the those whose rank in the society is high. A famous saying exists in the corridors of management, "business deals are always done during golf sessions."

There is some truth in the later statement. It also depicts the level of sophistication that is associated with this sport.

There is no ideal way to arrive for a golfing session, other than by having a stylish golf bag. It is the most definite way to make fellow players looking at you, and maybe tongues waggling about ‘'the gentleman or lady with style.

Factors To Consider Before Purchasing A Carrying Golf Bag

The best way of getting the best golf bag is evaluating the following factors. They will give the buyers much insight before they make an order.

Light Weight And Sturdy

A golf bag needs to be as light as possible. It becomes much heavier when it is loaded with golf accessories and gear. It is, therefore, important to consider the weight of an empty golf bag, you can easily estimate its weight when loaded with accessories. It helps you reduce fatigue as a result of having a heavy load.

Number Of Pockets

A golf bag with many pockets helps its users to be organized. The many compartments will help protect your golf clubs from damage; you can also carry sunglasses, water- bottles, keys wallets and cell phones in the extra pockets.

Quality And Comfort

Low-quality bags wear out within a short period; you will always be in the buying cycle. Purchasing a golf bag that is high quality and that is comfortable can save you more money that you would have spent buying golf bags frequently.

Types Of Golf Bags

There are two divisions of golf bags, the carrying bag, and cart bag. Carrying bags are useful when players have to walk around the course throughout the golfing session. Cart bags are useful when you are allowed to move from one golf course to another.

Best Carry Golf Bag


Your budget has a big impact on the type of product to buy. This factor enables the buyer to make a realistic choice by helping him avoid buying a golf bag that is way beyond his financial ability.

Recommend The Best Carry Golf Bag

The factors given above all give insight on what to consider when buying the best carry golf bag. They are of equal strength; therefore they are all recommendable. Buyers should use all factors to make this decision.

There are numerous types of golf carrying bags. The following is a close review of the main features of the leading brands.

1. Ping Hoofer Carry Golf Bag

Ping Hoofer Carry Golf Bag

It is a common carrying bag in the market; it is available in most sports shops. The following are its main features.

Five-Way Reinforced Top

The reinforcement ensures that the bag is strong enough to carry all golfing accessories. It has an integrated handle that enables the user to carry the bag easily; this handle cannot snap under heavy weight.

Water Resistant Valuable Pocket

It has a water-resistant pocket; therefore, this bag can be used in all forms of weather since it will not wet the essential equipment. It has a total of eight pockets to accommodate all golf accessories.

Light Weight Design

It is a light weight type of golf bag; it, therefore, gives golfers an easy time as they move around the golf course. By using this bag, they walk faster due to the less weight; much energy is also reserved for golfing purposes.

Double Straps

It is easy to carry golf accessories using this bag because the double straps offer the cabby or golfer the required comfort when carrying the bag across the course. The straps are fully adjustable to ensure the bag is high enough in the small of your back to carry.

2. K-Cliffs Driving Range Mini Course Training Practice Golf Bag

K-Cliffs Driving Range Mini Course Training Practice Golf Bag

The k-cliff driving range carrying bag is a popular type of bag in the golfing arena.

Zipper Mouth Opening

It has the zipper mouth opening. This feature allows the bag to open wide therefore allowing more accessories into the bag. It can carry about six to seven clubs including the driver. This is a large capacity compared to its small design.

Detachable Shoulder Strap

This is a special feature for this carrying bag; It allows its user to be comfortable when carrying golf accessories across the golf course. The detachable bag allows the users to customize the bag to use a single shoulder sling bag.

Rigid Body

It has a rigid body that ensures that the bag is strong and durable. This bag is padded to cushion its users from feeling the shock of carrying heavy golf accessories.Some accessories are heavy and could cause back pains when carried over long distances.

Padded Handle

The padded handle ensures comfort to users of this bag. At times when bags are carried over long distances, Tthe bag aims at reducing weight pressure. The padded handle limits injuries that might result from carrying a heavy bag.


Its a relatively cheap type oof carrying bag. Despite its average price, this bag offers golfers a comfortable carrying experience. It is also durable considering that it has a water resistant material.It is recommendable for short distant golfing.

3. Ping Moonlite Bag 2013 Carry/Sunday Golf Bag

Ping Moonlite Bag 2013 Carry Golf Bag

It is a smooth ultra-light type of carrying bag.

It is one of the lightest types of golf bags available in the market.

Back Pack-Style Fit

It is a two shoulder strap carrying bag. It offers its users a wonderful carrying experience due to the light weight. The padded straps cushion its users from feeling the heavy weight of the luggage.

Adjustable Standing Strap

This is an additional carrying feature. This type of bag can stand on its own by using this adjustable standing strap. It saves time that would have been used by the golfer to crotch down and pick equipment.

TPE Materials

This golf bag is made from the TPE material, and it is also made from durable polyester.This type of carrying bag is water resistant. It can therefore be used in all weather conditions.

Three Pockets

It has three main carrying compartments. They are large enough to hold all golfing accessories. It also features a special pocket that holds the beverage for the golfer. This bag has a wide range of colors, therefore it is stylish.

4. Callaway Golf 2016 Hyper-Lite 1 Pencil Bag

Callaway Golf 2016 Hyper-Lite 1 Pencil Bag

It is a recommendable bag for practicing or using during weekend golf tournament.

Three Zippered Pockets

It consists of three zippered pockets including a full apparel pocket. This bag has enough space to carry all your golf accessories. The three main pockets offer lots of room for the many items you need; it also has a slot for the beverage bottle.

Sturdy Straps

It has double straps; the straps are made of strong material that ensures that the bag remains intact, high on your shoulder as you move from one point to another across the golf course.

Lightweight Body

This carrying bag is made of light material. Its weight when empty is estimated to be 1.9 Ibs.The low weight is maintained even after loading it with accessories.

Velour Lined Valuable Pockets

It has velour lined valuable pockets. These pockets are to be used to carry an essential equipment or accessories.These pockets are a dip, thus can hold a lot of materials, they are also water resistant.

5. Wellzher T.E. Sunday V2 Golf Carry Bag

Wellzher T.E. Sunday V2 Golf Carry Bag

It is a common carrying bag. The following are its main features.

High Pattern Water -Repellant Coat

It is made of a unique type of material that is water resistant. The bag can, therefore, be used during rainy conditions.This fabric is also resistant to dirt.It keeps the equipment clean and safe.

Ergonomic Handle

The ergonomic handle ensures that its users maintain a grip on the bag as they move across the golf course. It also ensures that its users are comfortable and not collapsing to the heavyweight.

Non- Collapsible Body And Construction

It has a unique body design that maintains its shape both when empty and loaded.The not-collapsible body ensures that the equipment are intact at all times.

Numerous Pockets

It has numerous pockets; they enable the bag to carry all golf accessories.I have flex-fit pockets to provide extra storage.A special pocket to carry your drink makes this bag unique. It also has a rain hood umbrella holder.

Final Verdict

The quality of the given types of carrying bags is quite exceptional, they surely meet the consumers needs in one way or another.

Golfers looking for the best carry golf bags on the market should try the above reviewed products which come with excellent features tailored to meet the needs of any golfer.

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