Taylormade San Clemente Cart Bag Review

Every golf player out there is in search for a cart bag that will suit their cart outing. The Taylormade San Clementecart bag is the perfect choice, it is a classy cart bag that has great features that are specially made to suit your entire hassle-free cart outing. The bag has a top that is 14-way with 3 dividers that are full length this are to ensure that the gear stored in them are protected and separated through the outing rounds.

The cart bag has a total of eight velour-lined pockets that provides enough space to keep your course essentials as well as essential accessories that need to carry along the outing. The strong body is crush resistant, this is to ensure that the gear that you have packed in the bag stays put no matter how rough you ride will be. The cart bag weighs 4.4 lbs. And it gives you a lightweight to carry along and it keeps things compact.

Taylormade San Clemente Cart Bag Review

Crush-Resistant Construction

The cart bag has a crush-resistant construction that enables you to ride around without stressing over the safety of the valuable accessories and the gear that you have carried especially when the ride is rough. The cart bag’s eight pockets are velour lined this is to ensure that the valuables in the pockets is kept safe throughout the outing rounds. You can carry along valuables you need throughout the course.

Sufficient Pockets

The cart bag has expandable pockets on its sides, this will enable you to carry as much accessories as one requires during the outing. The cart bag has eight pockets that will enable you to have space to carry all the stuff you need without having to overload or squeeze the items in the pockets in order to fit in one pocket. The pockets will be sufficient and will not require you to carry an extra bag.

Convenient And Easy Transportation

The bag is convenient and easy for transportation, the bag has grab handles and a padded shoulder strap. The cart bag has two grab handles one at the top cuff and the other at the base, these allows you to transport it easily. The single padded strap in the bag enables one to carry it around without causing strains in the hand regardless of the weight of the bag.


The bag is made using a strong material that will ensure that the bag is able to last for longer without tearing and wearing out easily. The bag has an umbrella cord, this is to make sure that you can use the bag even when it is raining this will make sure that the bag is protected from rain that can cause damage to the cart bag. The cart bag also comes with a matching rain hood that is used to shield it from rain.

Compatible Base

The cart bag has a compatible base, the compatible base is used to enhance the support of the bag. The compatible base will enable the bag to sit safely on its own as you travel or when you leave it on the floor since the base enables it to sit without toppling that would lead to breakage or damage of the gear and valuables you have kept in it. This gives a hassle-free outing that will not require you to hold it to avoid it from toppling over.

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  • It has a light weight.
  • Has sufficient pockets to store things.
  • The bag is durable.
  • It is easy and convenient to transport.
  • It keeps the valuables safe due to its crush resistant construction.


  • Does not have a cooler pocket.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can the cart bag be dry cleaned?

A: No, to maintain its durability the bag should be hand-washed.

Q: Is the bag available worldwide?

A: Yes, the bag can be purchased online and shipped globally.

Q: Does the bag have a separate pocket for putters?

A: Yes, the bag has two slots that can be used for putters.

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Final verdict

The Taylormade San Clemente cart bag is the perfect choice for you if you require a compact and a lightweight bag to carry along on an outing. The lightweight is due to its weight of 4.4 lbs. The bag has sufficient velour-lined pockets that are used to carry accessories and valuables without worrying about their safety through the ride.

The bag has handles and the single padded strap that makes it easy and convenient for you to carry it around. The bag has a base that is compatible enabling it to stand on its own that will avoid it from toppling over and damaging gear and valuables in the bag.

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