Taylor Made Purelite Stand Bag Review

Are you familiar with the Taylor Made Purelite Stand Bag? This is the latest stand bag in the market. If you are on the hunt for the perfect stand bag I bet you have not come across this bag. There are a couple of things you  look for when buying your bags, how much the bag weighs, how many pockets does it have and what are the pocket sizes, does the bag have enough dividers?

 The Taylor Made Purelite Stand Bag stand bag is the whole package, the ideal bag for you. It’s a bag like no other. If you are a sports person say a golfer or even an ordinary user say a hiker there is no other bag that vibrantly expresses your professional outlook than this bag. Continue reading this review to get the specifics and am positive you will end up buying and using this marvelous bag

Taylor Made Purelite Stand Bag Review

The Purelite Is Comfortable To Carry Around

 The Taylor Stand Bag as I had emphasized earlier is a very comfortable bag.  It’s specially made to fit perfectly on you back ensuring minimal fatigue while carrying it around. It has four point shoulder straps that take out the burden of carrying around since it balances the weight evenly and makes it easier to carry sports equipment such as balls and golf sticks.

Anti-Splitstand System

The bag is fitted with an anti-split stand system to ensure that the legs never fold under pressure giving the bag maximum self-support.

The Purelite Bag Is Durable.

The bag is highly durable and can serve you for years under the right usage and care. The bag is fitted with anti-wetness gear with a specialized umbrella sleeve, a rain guard, and a towel to help you through the inevitable wetness of the golf course.


The five way top with handle in the purelite stand bag responsible for safe keeping of the golf clubs and other sporting gear, this makes it easy to put and retrieve gear from the bag with ease and also ensures that no noise is produced as each and every gear stay in its place

Space And Capacity

The taylormade purelite stand bag is very spacious with more than enough space to store all your sports equipment   and gear. It has seven pockets with some of its pockets being more valuable since they are fitted with velour lining and others insulated meaning you can keep your drinks under controlled temperatures.

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  • The stand bag is affordable
  • It is available in multiple colors and patterns
  • The top of this bag is five way divided with a handle to facilitate easy movement
  • The bag is fitted with full length dividers that protect each and every club ensuring that your golfing clubs are always in good shape
  • It has a zip –off pocket that can be used for embroidery
  • The taylormade purelite stand bag has a cart compatible base


  • The bag is only perfectly suited for a golf sportsperson.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I buy the bag online will it be shipped to me?

A: Yes, the bag will be shipped to the location you indicate in your purchase order if you buy it online.

Q:  Is the bag heavy?

A: The purelite is light, even when parked its weight is far much better than the other bags in its class.

Q: Can the bags be custom made?

A: Yes you can have a name or logo embroiled on the bag.

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Final Verdict

There are many bags in the market current no doubt but if you are golfer who knows his/her way around bags you will definitely appreciate the beauty of this product.

The purelite was specifically made to fit your needs as a golfer as it facilitates for ease of movement, ease of retrieving items from the bag as well as putting items back without any hassle.

In a market full of many golfing bags you need to know what stands out inters of performance and sustainability. That’s easy, all you need is to always have a smile while you play is a purelite. You definitely need to get the this bag and enjoy its diverse advantages.

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