Prosimmon Tour 14 Way Cart Golf Bag Review

Having trouble trying to carry your putters that have large heads, then your search is over since the Prosimmon tour 14 way cart golf bag is what you need. The bag has an external putter tube that you can use to put the large head putters to avoid damaging them by putting them inside the bag in the divided sections.

The bag has ample space to carry and arrange all your stuff due to its 14 full-length dividers, and there are separated in such a way that you will be able to put each item where you would like it to be.

The dividers separate all your stuff and this minimizes the chance of them crashing and getting damaged. If you carry lots of drinks and fear spilling of the drinks in the bag, then this bag will help since it has an insulated drinks pocket that enables you to carry drinks without worries.

Prosimmon Tour 14 Way Cart Golf Bag Review

Ample Space

The bag has ample space for the golf to carry all that they need during the course. The bag contains 14 dividers that are full length, pockets and holders this will ensure that you carry the gear, accessories, towels, umbrella and drinks. The items can be properly arranged in the bag in the various pockets and sections inside and outside the bag this is ample space created to carry as much items possible.

External Putter Tube

The external putter tube is a great feature in this bag that people with large headed putters should consider buying. The external tube will enable you to carry putters that would otherwise be damaged or damage the bag or not fit in the bag. Thus instead of carrying it in a separate bag, or on your hands the Prosimmon tour 14 way cart golf bag will help.


The Prosimmon tour 14 way cart golf bag is a lightweight bag this is due to its weight that is 5.3 lbs. This weight is convenient for people that like carrying lightweights around as well as those that have to walk for longer distances carrying the back this is because heavy-weighted bags will wrench their backs. The lightweight enables you to carry as much staff as you need since the stuff will only add a little more weight that one can handle.

Variety Of Pockets

The bag has a variety of pockets that are specified to serve different tasks. There around five differentiated pockets this are a deep pocket this can be used to carry a ball, a small pocket that can be used for accessories. Side pockets that are full-lengths this can store clothing and waterproof valuables and the insulated drink pocket for carrying drinks. This helps you to carry whatever staff you need since there are pockets fit for their safe carriage.

Durability And Dependability

The Prosimmon tour 14 way cart golf bag is both dependable and durable. The bag is made of quality material that can last for a long time, and the water-resistant nature avoids it from being damaged by water. The bag has a rain hood thus you do not have to worry about rain damaging your gear and valuables as they will be safe. The bag’s construction is strong built thus in case it falls the gear will be protected from damage.

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  • It is both dependable and durable.
  • It is stable on flat surfaces.
  • Has an external putter tube.
  • Has ample space.
  • Has an insulated drinks pocket.


  • Not stable on sloppy surfaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the bag have a drink cooler?

A: No, it has no drink cooler, but one can purchase and carry it in the insulated drinks pocket.

Q: Are the bags available worldwide?

A: Yes, the bags can be ordered and shipped to all countries worldwide.

Q: What material is the bag made of?

A: The bag is made of the nylon material.

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Final Verdict

Quality is what characterizes the Prosimmon tour 14 way cart golf bag, it is a high-quality bag that has a unique external putter bag that will suit your external storage needs of putters. The bag has ample storage space provided by the 14 full-length dividers and the diverse pockets.

The bag is made in a way that it reduces the risk factors that would cause damage to the instruments and valuables in the bag. This is the insulated drink pocket, waterproof pocket, rain hood and the umbrella holder that is used to ensure that the drinks and water cannot get to the instruments and damage them.

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