OGIO Press Stand Bag Review

What is more satisfying during a nice relaxing game of golf than equipment and tools that are well arranged and placed making it easy to find everything with the ease of lifting an arm. Aside from that, having a one-stop portable bag to put your valuables, kit, water bottles among a hoard of other things that are necessary for a golfing session.

The OGIO press stand bag is one such bag, a stand bag that will give you an experience you will live to remember. When I first saw this bag first thought that came to mind was, everyone who sees this is going to love it. Who wouldn’t be blown by away by the Classy design attractive yet simple, made with every aspect of the golfer? Again, the whole golfing experience well in mind and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

OGIO Press Stand Bag Review

13 Bag Pocket

The 13 bag pocket is to offer adequate space for the storage of most of the equipment the golfer would like to use during their golfing session. A lot is required to be carried during a session and so these pockets give ample room for putting whatever the user would like to put inside. Everything from the golf clubs, balls and gloves are covered in this spacing.

Fleece Lined Valuables Pocket

Where to put your valuables during your golfing session can be a hustle sometimes and even when an option is realized it may not be very friendly to the valuables. Either too rough or just not right in space. The OGIO Press Stand Bag provides a valuables pocket that not only has enough room but is also fleece lines for extra care to the valuables therein.

4 Point Shoulder Strap

We all like a bag we carry on our backs that fit nicely when carrying. It should also not hurt the shoulders, and the straps should be made in such a way that the luggage is not in danger of falling off or tearing away. The OGIO Press stand bag has a 4 point shoulder strap that puts into consideration all these factors that are major requirements for any great and efficient stand bag.

Walking Accessible Water Bottle Holster

In any game professional or not water is an inevitable part of the play to keep the body rejuvenated and cool. It is, therefore, good to have a special spot for your water bottle where you can access with ease and without much struggle. With this product, you get a nice holster where to put your water bottle and not only that, but the holster is also easily accessible even when walking.

Built In Rain Hood

We can’t control the weather, sometimes it’s super hot, other times super windy and sometimes rainy.  Concerning the latter, you will need to protect all your equipment and tools from getting wet from the rain.

The OGIO Press stand bag has a built in rain hood that is made specially to counter this problem. So anytime you are on the course and the rain decided to ruin your moment, no worries whatsoever.

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  • Lots of room and space
  • Comfortable straps for ease of carrying around.
  • Specialized pockets and holsters like the fleece line valuables pocket.
  • Protection from the rain with built in rain hood


  • The pockets are not big enough for a shoe bag.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the bag have a rain hood?

A: Yes the bag has a built- in rain hood

Q: How are the straps like?

A: The straps are cushioned, and since the bag is not that heavy, they are perfectly comfortable.

Q: How many clubs can you comfortably fit in this bag?

A: you can have up to 15 clubs in the bag.

Q: Does this bag have large pockets to fit a shoe bag?

A: Unfortunately no the pockets aren’t big enough for a shoe bag

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Final Verdict

This is an incredible product from beginning to end, and I would recommend this product for any golf player out there looking for a stand bag that is both light and comfortable but still carries out its functions well efficiently. No need to go too far for this you already got it!

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