The OGIO Press Cart Bag Review

This is an eight- way top dream bag of every golfer out on the course. The OGIO press cart bag has a modern, sleek yet simple design. This kit incorporates all the needs of a golfer to allow him or her to spend all their golfing time out on the course with all the equipment they require, thus maximizing their experience. This bag is classically yet stylishly designed to provide maximum comfort during its usage around the greens.

This kit allows streamlined organization of the clubs by manipulating all the dividers, multiple pockets and plenty of space to fit all the golfer`s needs. The bag offers maximum functionality and is very practical for moving the bag up and down the course with ease by the use of the lift handles integrated into the bag. Besides multiple pockets, the bag has an accessory pocket to carry all the valuables such as phones and watches. This further brings out the OGIO edge.

The bag is light hence increasing its portability within the course. This cart bag is durable with reinforced stitches all around the bag making it stronger and durable. Also, it comes in a many colors from which a customer can choose their most preferred color.This bag comes along with a one year warranty. Even more, the reason to purchase this press cart bag. Below are the exceptional features of the OGIO press cart bag.

The OGIO Press Cart Bag Review

Multiple Pockets

The OGIO press cart bag has up to nine pockets to provide plenty of space for a golfer to fit all their necessary equipment. Also, it has eight accessory pockets that are used to store valuables such as watches. The accessory pocket is made of quality material that does not easily tear thus keeping the accessories safe. The pocket is fleece- lined. The tons of storage provided in the press cart bag offer great functionality and service for the golfer.

Club Dividers

This eight-way top press bag has dividers that keep the clubs organized and secure. The dividers are full length. They provide plenty of room for the golfer to carry as many clubs as they require to the golf course without running out or breaking. This also makes sure that in the event the golfer loses a club or two, they can still continue with the exercise without any worries.

Trunk Handles

The OGIO press cart bag has integrated lift and trunk handles to ease the movement of the bag around the course. The handles are necessary to make it easy to lift and move the bag up and down the course effortlessly and without tiring the user.


This press cart bag comes with a Velcro glove patch. Also, it has a rain hood and umbrella holder that is used to carry rain gear in case of the rainy season.

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  • Fleece- lined accessory pockets.
  • An eight- way top.
  • Multiple (nine) pockets.
  • Integrated lift and trunk handle.
  • It has club dividers.


  • The bag lacks a cooler pocket.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the bag stand well on its own?

A: Yes, the bag stands well on its own.

Q: Does it have full-length club dividers?

A: Yes, the press cart bag has full-length club dividers.

Q: Does the bag have an insulated cooler pocket?

A: No, it does not have a cooler pocket.

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Final Verdict

This is one cart bag that I would recommend to every golfer. This bag will keep the dividers from touching at the bottom thus preventing them from any damage. It is simple, sleek and better yet affordable. This bag does not disappoint when it comes to durability and strength. It does not easily tear since it is well stitched, and the zippers work very well.

Besides, for a bag this good, there are multiple pockets to fit all the golfer`s needs. The pockets are deep to keep the contents of the bag at all times. Also, the pockets are well positioned for use in a cart further making it attractive. Not to forget but this bag is light enough to carry around the course easily. Therefore, improve your golfing experience by adding this OGIO press cart bag to your collection of golfing equipment and expand your experience and comfort while out on the course. I guarantee you will love this bag!

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