Callaway 2016 Org 14 Cart Bag Review

If you play golf, you are definitely a classic person. Classic people use high-quality things like golf cart bags. I must say you don’t pay your prestigious attention to mock-ups or cheap designs. Great then, you have reached the right place of your caliber. Callaway cart bag will always be the most popular cart bags as well as top-notch golf clubs‘ carriers. Say goodbye to other designs and get Callaway cart bag.

It has a unique design for you to stand out as the important person you are. Especially the latest 2016 version has been upgraded aesthetically so as to complement you. Callaway cart bag has been well accessorized to take care of your needs. Also to uphold you high-end organization. This bag can hold a set of clubs, tees and balls. They have more storage areas compared to other bags. I assure you the bags are midweight. This means they can be easily pulled along the golf course.

Callaway 2016 Org 14 Cart Bag Review

Improved Cart Strap System

Callaway 2016 golf cart bag, has well-improved strap system for easy carrying. The backpack-like straps have been appended for quick picking and getting on your way if you have limited time.

We know you are a busy person, and you have a lot on your schedule. That’s why the cart bag has been modified just to suit you. The straps will also allow you to sling the bag over to your shoulder when you are moving from one side of the golf course.

E-Trolley Base

The Callaway cart bag has an e-trolley base system that you can integrate with a push cart. It helps to secure the bag and its club dividers. You could have signed up for a golf club that has a very big golf course. Carrying your bag around may be dangerous for your shoulder. That’s why Callaway cart bag is made with an e-trolley base so as to allow you to pull the bag around the course comfortably.

Numerous Upgraded Pockets

This Callaway cart bag has amazingly many pockets. To be precise, 17 pockets. All these pockets have their unique function. This is the major characteristic that distinguishes this bag from all other bags in the market. The pockets are made of water resistant velour-line valuables with key fob.


The Callaway cart bag has 14-way dividers for organizing your clubs. Its main function is to ensure your clubs are safe and that they won’t break and scratch each other easily. This feature makes the bag heavy hence the need of telling you about the molded grab handles that act as pivots. The dividers are also made of cooler pockets which are insulated perfectly.

Umbrella Sleeve

The umbrella sleeve from its name, its purpose is to hold your umbrella. We know the weather can be sometimes unreliable. Therefore, you may want to carry an umbrella to your game. The Callaway cart bag has a special compartment for it.This is to make it easy for you to pull out the umbrella when needed and also to put it back when it is not needed.

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  • Good quality
  • Optimal organization guaranteed
  • Has straps for pulling
  • Has a rubber at the base for stability
  • It is efficient


  • It is not designed for lifting
  • It cannot stand on an uneven surface.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the weight of the Callaway cart bag?

A: The Callaway Cart Bag weighs 5.6 lbs

Q: Does the cart bag include a rain hood.

A: It includes a rain hood

Q: How good are the pocket zippers

A: The pocket zippers are of good quality.

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Final Verdict

The Callaway 2016 Org Cart Bag has been the best option for many people for a long time now. It continues to lead in the industry of cart bags. Before you buy a cart bag, you always have to consider the number of clubs you will want to carry on the golf course and how you would carry it there. Callaway cart bag gives the opportunity to let go such worries. Once you have it, you can load it to its capacity. Purchase it at an affordable price and enjoy it.

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