Callaway 2016 Hyper-lite 5stand Bag Review

The Callaway 2016 hyper-lite 5stand bag will blow your mind off if you love carrying a classy golf bag with ample storage. This bag is a unique bag, and it is leading stand bag with high performance up-to-date. The stands enable the bag to stand on its own using the stands and the compatible base you, therefore, you do not need to worry about the bag toppling over and damage valuables.

The bag has nine pockets, the pockets are velour-lined and additionally have a water-resistant pocket that is used for storing your valuables. The bag has a crush resistant construction due to the strong, expensive material that is used to protect and keep the gear and valuables safe. The bag has a 7-way top and has club dividers that are full-length that enables the gear in the bag to be safe and organized.

Callaway 2016 Hyper-lite 5stand Bag Review


The Callaway stand bag is a comfortable bag that can be carried around easily this is due to its dual shoulder padded straps and the hip padding.

The padded shoulder and hip straps are used to ensure that you can easily and comfortably carry around the bag as the two help to reduce the pressure points that is at the shoulders and the back. These are what you need when carrying heavy gear in the bag.

Great Stability

The Callaway stand bag is a very stable, its stability is enhanced by the compatible base and the stands. The bag has a unique base system that is not in other bags this prevents the bags from toppling over and damaging the instruments in the bag.

With this bag, you can freely leave it on the floor and go on with your activities knowing your items are safe in the bag.

Sufficient Pocket Space

The bag has a minimum of nine pockets, and this pocket enables you to carry as much gear, accessories, and valuables that you require in the course of the activity or travel you are in.

The pocket has a water-resistant pocket that is velour-lined, this will ensure that you can carry your valuables without worrying about water or other causes NIL them. The pockets are compact that they enable you to pack your items neatly, and this creates more carriage space in the bag.

Rain Cover

The Callaway has a constructed in such a way that it can be able to shield the instruments in the bag from rain. The bag has water-resistant pockets as well as matching rain hood that is used to protect the gear and the valuables that have been carried in the bag in case of rain.

You do not have to carry an umbrella every day for fear of wetting the bag or damaging of the valuables by rain water.


The Callaway stand bag is a bag that is light, and you can carry it around easily. The bag has a weight of 5.5 lbs. This will help protect your back and shoulders from wrenching.

This is more favorable for people that have to walk for long distances to the golf field since they need to carry lightweights then the best option is the Callaway 2016 hyper-lite 5stand bag.

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  • It is durable and dependable
  • Has a lightweight.
  • It is comfortable to carry around.
  • Enhanced stability.
  • Have convenient and easy transportation.


  • It is expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the bag come with a variety of colors?

A: Yes, the bag comes in blue, black and orange colors.

Q: Does the bag has putter wells?

A: No, the bag only contains the divider systems and pockets.

Q: Does the bag have drink coolers?

A: No, the bag has no drink coolers, but it has holders for the coolers, towel, and umbrella.

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Final Verdict

The Callaway 2016 hyper-lite 5stand bag is what every modern golf player requires this is due to its various features that make it easy and convenient to carry around.

The bag has a compatible base system and stands that enhances the bag’s stability, therefore, the bag does not necessarily have to be placed on a flat surface.

The bag has a weight of .5 lbs. Thus making it easy to carry due to its lightweight and this avoids wrenching the carriers back.

The bag is made comfortable to carry as a result of the padded shoulder and hip straps, and one can transport the bag for long distances without increasing the pressure points in the shoulders and the back.

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