Best Disc Golf Bag - Guide and Review

Have you ever tried using a regular bag for carrying your golf discs? I tend to think you had a messy feeling, right?

Putting all of your things in a single compartment is such a bad practice to fetch your score card for example amongst all the stuff you will need to unpack the whole bag to get to it.

A disc golf bag will take away all that trouble for you because it comes with a design that ensures even if you are not an organized kind of person you will be just by default.

Golf disk bags offer you great comfort using the extra padded straps that are also adjustable for maximum comfort.

Water is also important since dehydration is inevitable, so they incorporate water bottle holders to take care of the dehydration. With all those amazing qualities they are very pocket-friendly.

If you are a golf player looking for an ideal golf disc bag, check our reviews of some products highly recognized on the market as well as by many golf players.

Factors To Consider When Buying The Best Disc Golf Bag

Before you select any disc golf bags, there are some essential points worth remembering. Such points include the following.


Durability is a feature that counts for like 60% reason of falling for a particular bag. These bags pass the test of strength a double stitch at the seams, for example, ensures for durability.


A good golf disk bag should be affordable. By being affordable I do not mean that the bags should compromise on quality no, the manufacturers should be able to strike a good balance between quality and affordability well these bags strikes the balance.


The number of discs that you want to accommodate determines the amount of space that you will need from your disc golf bag. Usually, the below-listed bags are known to meet the capacity requirement with a minimum capacity of 12 discs.

Best Disc Golf Bag


Comfort is a key factor for any bag, and the disc golf bags are no exception. Extra padding on the straps enhances comfort and also the adjustability of the straps.

Recommended Best Disc Golf Bag

After trying and testing a wide range of bags, here are some five bags that top up in our list. Any of these bags will offer you with a convenient carry option for your disc.

1. Dynamic Discs Sniper Backpack Disc Golf Bag

Dynamic Discs Sniper Backpack Disc Golf Bag

The Dynamic Discs Sniper Backpack Disc Golf Bag is a true definition of quality. It has got all of your needs covered.

If we could just have a small recap of the manufacturers, you will see my point. Manufacturers we can trust with quality.

This bag is a product of Dynamic Discs in collaboration with OGIO, the later have got a reputation for making quality bags for laptops so being trusted with laptops means we can give them our trust too.


While out on the course putting the bag down on the grass is not much of a choice, so the manufacturers had this in mind. The bottom is waterproof ensuring that your bag does not soak with water.

Sufficient Room

The bag is spacious enough to hold all of your items. It can accommodate 16 discs in there, and usually, I put my wallet, phone, and keys in there too.

The main compartment has got a meshed partition that holds the like of the wallet. It also comes with pockets that can hold 40oz of water on the sides.


The design meets outdoor requirements of stability. Once I put it down I fully concentrate on the game, I afford to as it does wobble whatsoever even in inclined places. A low center of gravity makes this possible.


I can carry this bag around all day reason; you will not even notice it on your shoulders as some soft padding on the strap sooth your shoulders all through and neutralizes some of the weight, a heavy load will feel the significantly light weight.

2. Upper Park Designs Disc Golf Bag

Upper Park Designs Disc Golf Bag

This Upper Park Designs Disc Golf Bag is quite a piece of innovation, hats off to the manufacturer has done impressive work to get such an end product.

Offers vertical as well as horizontal compartments for the disks this sets it from the rest. Just in case the weather gets challenging a flap access rainfly comes in handy.


It surpasses many if not all bags in its category. A capacity of 25 discs is no joke thanks to its vertical and horizontal pockets. They are cut out with such prowess that discs organization is in a manner that awes me. The vertical pockets have an elevation for better access.


With this bag, nothing can stop you, even when it starts to drizzle this bag has got a flap access rainfly. The seams have a taped finish making it completely water resistant. You get absolutely no worries about your stuff getting wet.

Shoulder Straps

The shoulder straps have extra padding for minimal pressure on the shoulders. The spacing between the straps has also been optimized to reduce the pinch that carefully fitted straps cause. It is very comfortable to carry around.

Side Pockets

Someone is getting worried there is no provision for accessories pocket. The side pockets contain space for all of your accessories including the wallet.

3. Gear Well 12 Disc Disc Bag

Gear Well 12 Disc Disc Bag

This bag is a personal favorite for many disc golfers, and the reasons are quite clear to see, reinforced stitches give the bag a whole lot of durability it might last until you decide now is time to get a new bag. It is also very pocket-friendly for the qualities that it has to offer.

Reinforced Stitching

Reinforced stitching on this bag makes sure that it will not break at the seams once loaded. This kit will give you the ultimate value for your money. The main compartment comes with a discs organizer for the perfect organization of the disks inside there making it easy to grab a disc from the bag.

Soft Shoulder Pad

A bag that weighs you down and hurts is a complete turn-off. I found this bag very comfortable I mean it feels good on the shoulders a feeling close to a massage. Feels good and you won't be looking forward to the next time you will put it down.

Water Holder

Well, dehydration is part and parcel of any game. To be on the safe, healthy side, you shouldn't forget a water bottle and the designers had this in mind. This Gear Well 12 Disc Disc Bag incorporates a water holder it holds tightly onto the water bottle to keep it in place.


It holds up to 12 discs plus an exterior sleeve where you put an easy and quick to retrieve the disc. To the sufficient capacity, it has a towel holder, and it's available in blue and black colors.

4. The Throwback Sack - Frisbee Disc Golf Bag

The Throwback Sack - Frisbee Disc Golf Bag

This one here is a classic I must say. Like it has gone an extra mile to see to it that you will quench your thirst satisfactorily, dehydration will be not an issue with this back that serves as both a cooler and golf disc bag.

It keeps six soft drinks ice- cold could I repeat that ice -cold this is one feature that I found as awesome.


12 disks considering that it incorporates a cooler is incredible, you are stacking your discs plus some soft drinks in there, and you are good for the game. You will be like game on, and nothing can stop me.

Soft Padded Straps

Doing the math, it is common sense that: six soft drinks bottles plus 12 discs will cause significant weight to the bag. If it is not for the soft padding on the straps, the extra weight will cause great discomfort they cut down the extra weight and maintain comfort.


As a golfer, you as well need some extra things apart from the usual discs. For example, pencils, towel, your phone of course. The Throwback Sack - Frisbee Disc Golf Bag incorporates a pen holder, towel clip, and pocket for the phone, wallet, and keys.


Often I find that I don't need the soft drinks, so instead, I pack more discs and go with only water alone. This factor means I can afford to do away with the non-alcoholic beverages or decide to carry them with me.

5. Dynamic Discs Soldier Disc Golf Bag

Dynamic Discs Soldier Disc Golf Bag

Talk of glamour and this bag is the bag for you this is the one feature that screams out loud.

On top of all the glamour is excellent capacity and capability to hold your accessories and snacks. On each of the side, you will have a water bottle holder.


You will be looking forward to the next game just to get eyes on your bag, and if you are the kind of person who is choosy as my wife is well you got a whole lot of variety of colors.

Adjustable Shoulder Strap

An adjustable shoulder strap will enable you to change the shoulder strap to the size that feels right for you this together with the additional padding on the straps optimizes the comfort of the bag.

Drink Holders

The bottle holder is one of the features whose omission will be enough reason for me to shun off a bag. The Dynamic Discs Soldier Disc Golf Bag has two drink holders one on each side of the bag. With a capacity of 32 oz, it gives enough quench.

Mesh Pocket

A mesh pocket covers the need of a compartment for the accessories. You can put all your accessories in this pocket, your phone, the scorecard, and pencils are all meant for this pocket.

Final Verdict

There are some expectations that we all have in a disc golf bag and while compiling this list for you. The outlined bags are the best you could ever find pocket-friendly prices.

My recommendation is from experience personal as well as from a couple of my friends, and the good reviews do not only come from our buddies circle.

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